My network upgrades are going well. I installed my Ubiquiti UNIFI access point last night and have gotten it configured. It looks really nice and comes with the ceiling mount hardware and the PoE injector. I will post more about my final network configuration once I get it to a less messy state. If anyone is interested in the Ubiquiti access point, head over to Amazon, they are currently on sale:

Finally ordered myself an Ecobee3. The configuration options and ability to interface with Apple HomeKit is what sold me over the Nest. I'll post a review on here once I get it installed.

I've been doing a lot of work recently with home automation and getting my home network setup. I'll provide some amazon links to some of the products that I've been buying and will upload some pictures later this week.

Cisco console cable to USB:

Ubiquiti Unifi AP-AC Lite:

TRENDnet 16-Post rack-mount patch panel:

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